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UPDATE 10/18/10

Don't be so distressed! Page 29 is now up. I know there was still a gap, but I think it's closing a little bit? I had a bit of life stuff making the past week or so pretty hectic, and my October weekends have been surprisingly busy! As always, I will continue to try and close the gap between updates. I hope you enjoy the page this week, and I will try to drop another one of these posts into your flist soon!
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UPDATE 9/26/10

Eeesh has it been a month? Not going quite as planned.

Viller is not pleased. But look! Page 28! I'm trying guys, I'm trying. I'm slowly working through some of the snags that have me updating less frequently and being more stressed about what's coming up than excited about it. I am really hoping that I can get back to the once-a-week update and feel more confident about plowing ahead. You guys deserve a better flowing experience.

Anyway, enjoy this page, I'm going to TRY to get another one up next week.
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UPDATE 8/30/10

Feels like forever. I think I counted 78 days. But then I erased it and forgot, so. take that to be an APPROXIMATE NUMBER.

Too long for sure. The good news is Page 27 is now up! The gallery has also been updated, but not with anything you haven't seen, I don't think.

Fun fact: I drew the stuff on the screens last. It was terribly hard putting up possibly relevant things without being INCREDIBLY SPOILERY.

Anyway. I will try not to run off on another terribly long hiatus immediately. The bad news is I think I have to figure out some long-term stuff for the next scene, coming up in a few pages... and I'm hitting a bit of a writer's block. I'm going to try my best to work through it, and try not to let it impede future updates. Wish me luck.
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UPDATE 6/13/10

Hey guys! Sorry, this page went up super early today, but work threw me off and I only just now realized I still hadn't posted! Updating fail. So here is Page 26, and also if you go to the gallery there is a new piece of fanart I just received yesterday! I enjoyed it very much, I hope you do too. The gallery was also going to be brought up to speed with all of the LJ update images, but upon the realization that I was due to work in 25 minutes, not an hour and 25 minutes, that will be moved to next update. Not that it isn't anything you kids haven't seen anyway!
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UPDATE 6/06/10

Hey! I told you guys pay work was going to make this rocky. Hopefully not this rocky. Not a month between updates. Especially between pages that work best when read one right after the other, otherwise the humor does not work as well. Good work ST. That being said, Page 25 is finally up.

I'm not entirely happy with certain aspects of this page, but the parts that I am happy with are the parts that I am usually not happy with, ie backgrounds with lots of architecture etc. I don't know if that's progress? I am at a low confidence point with antagonist right now, but I'll still be trying to push onward-- it's not like falling off the wagon completely is going to make the wagon's problems go away.

Next [week, hopefully] we start a scene with Hench that originally included vhs tapes until recently, when I realized my age was showing. I know this scene was planned post-2005, so I don't know what my excuse is other than our family video cameras have never been fancy enough to record on DVDs or USBs or SD cards or whatever the kids are using these days. I realized today that TECHNICALLY this scene shouldn't even have to happen what with email being the major medium of delivery these days, especially inter-office delivery, BUT HEY. We'll talk more about this next update. I think I have a legitimate excuse, besides that it works plot-wise.

ANYWAY. Sorry for the wait and the low-content page, thanks you guys for sticking with this and I hope to post again next week!
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UPDATE 5/2/10

In case you're wondering- this is the sketch of an image that has been in progress for a couple of years now- I'm stuck on the background. Damn background!

Page 24 is now up. (ETA: Whoops! Link works now!) I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I'm finally starting some pay work, so updates might not happen with the frequency they have been. Gosh darn if I won't try though! Cross your fingers and wish me productivity and check back next week for another update!

(PS: Background suggestions for the above are welcome. I should really finish that damn thing.)
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UPDATE 4/25/10

I updated hours ago but sometimes it takes a little longer to get going on making a picture for the LJ update. Guess what ST has been watching whilst she draws the new pages? I'll give you a hint:

That was fun. Way too much fun. ANYWAY

Page 23 is up for your viewing pleasure, and make sure to check out Broken Windmills, a new link exchange, if you have the time. =) (I really really really need to revamp my links page. It does not really reflect what I read any more at all.)

There will most definitely be an update next week, I am nearly a full page ahead of things which is exciting! I'm not going to ruin this with two-page updates, I have decided, instead my dream is now to accumulate a couple of pages of buffer like I had in the beginning. I should have tried to accomplish this weeks ago, but that's the way things are. I have work looming ahead of me that has thusfar been further away than I thought, but I am bracing myself for it's inevitable start. Either I will build up a little buffer before it hits, or updates will get a little rocky again. I apologize ahead of time if it's the latter.
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UPDATE 4/17/10

The picture has nothing to do with the page, but is part of this, before I had to simplify the line work to match the rest of the piece.

However, I obviously would not just post to sucker you all in to go to my deviantart page. There is also Page 22 for your consumption. I tried for a two-pager to make up for no update last week, and I didn't quite make it. Hopefully I will catch up some time in the future, at least I'm a little ahead as far as next week goes, so fingers crossed that I don't put that to waste. =)
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I'm all like, see you kids next week, and I forgot it was Easter. Hopefully you are all checking your livejournals like proper nerds anyway. ;) If you are, then you are in luck, because THIS Easter Bunny presents you with not one, but TWO brand new pages! I apologize in advance for the content of the second-- given that K's privacy invasion must reach its logical if immature conclusion, it could have been worse.

Anyway, once again, I hope you enjoy the update and I'll see you next week!

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UPDATE 3/28/10

Sorry, no image this week, kids. But page 19 is up, and I hope that's good enough for slinking back into the updating schedule. Things may get rocky again toward the end of next month as paid work takes priority, but hopefully I can squeeze in a few updates (and a buffer pretty please?) before then.

Anyway, enjoy the page, and I will for certain have another one ready for you next week. =)